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2 simple words with a huge impact!!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

1 thes 5:16

- Rejoice Always

How hard is that to do? With so many things changing, the flesh and the world make this a challenge, but as Christians, why do we get to rejoice always? Do you struggle with rejoicing?

The more we dig into GOD’s word, we find actions, thoughts, feelings, and commands that are 100% counter to what we have been taught or raised to believe as accurate. This idea to rejoice always would be considered insensitive or even maybe be thought of as having a mental situation.

This word Rejoice in the Greek *chairo* is a verb

to rejoice, be glad

to rejoice exceedingly

to be well, thrive

in salutations, hail!

at the beginning of letters: to give one greeting, salute

This word Always in the Greek *pantote* Is an adverb

at all times, always, ever

I am 100%, not an English major; this word pantote is an adverb it adds something to the verb, modifies the verb, so GOD’s word tells us to rejoice always.....

Do you wrestle with this action laid out by GOD’s word? I know I do

Why do we have the opportunity to rejoice always?

What other verses parallel this small but powerful 1 Thessalonians 5:16?

***a story about always rejoicing, while at a friend's house, he was showing us his two freezers (that he just bought) where he was storing 3/4 of a cow. Upon opening the second freezer, it was not cold. The following comment struck me, ”Wow, what a blessing, the other person picked up their meat yesterday, what perfect timing.”

I was floored. There was no complaint that the freezer broke but instead rejoicing that it happened after the meat was picked up. There was true joy in the situation, big smiles and laughter.

WOW!! Rejoicing Always put into action!!!

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