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2021 is halfway down - what are you doing to grow your FAITH?

We have another HisBonfire experience!! Or Challenge however you want to look at it!!

Click on the Orange above you can sign up!!

A small Video Hello

Here is a small POKE!!! Join Us in reading the New Testament in 26 weeks (it will average 10 chapters a week) some weeks just to get to end of books will adjust.....

We just finished up a tour through the old testament in 40 weeks it was really awesome so much growth so much great word of GOD!!!

Here are the top 3 reasons we will hear about why you can't do it....

- I don't have time

- ahhhh I am not a good reader

- I gotta wash my hair (if anyone Knows me this is always my excuse) I washed it so much it's all gone!!

All of those seem like they might be valid, and if they work for you GOD bless you!!

We just want to make sure you are growing in the LORD, if you are doing that elsewhere no problem..... if you are not then I need to ask YOU...... IS GOD ok with the excuse?

We will be better at doing the weekly re-cap, if you want join a weekly recap let us know!!!

The Reviews will happen at some point on Wednesday..... we can move times if not check the events and you can join!!

We started 7-7-21..... you can catch up!!!

Matthew 1 - 10 by 7-14-21

Matthew 11 - 20 by 7-21-21

Matthew 21 - 28 by 7-28-21

Mark 1-16 by 8-4-21

Luke 1-12 by 8-11-21

Luke 13-24 by 8-18

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