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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

30 September 2020|Challenge, Why are we here

A 40 week Journey!! Are you in?

Hello amazing friends!!

How are you?

How has the last few months been? What a crazy journey we are on.....

You are getting this invite because we want you (hopefully you want you as well) to go on a journey with purpose and growth!! is going into a 40 week Old Testament reading starting in Genesis and ending in Malachi, we want you to join us!!  

Please go to the site and sign up!!

If you feel the prompt to send this to others, please do so no matter where they are in the country or world!!

Why 40 weeks, there are several reasons, 40 weeks is the gestation of a baby, 40 in the Bible signifies new birth, new life, new growth, transformation 

Are you interested in some transformation or new growth or even a new life??  With the world going in many different directions  some Immersion in GODS word seems fitting and appropriate!!

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament, that’s 23.2 chapters per week or 3.3 a day (averages say you can read a chapter in about 5-10 mins) our journey will be estimated 30 mins a day of your time....

Our journey will start 9-29-20 and will end on 7-7

To create engagement we will have every Wednesday a discussion of the previous 23 ish chapters (our guests will be layman, business men, pastors biblical scholars and everyone In between!!  Times of the posting will be presented.... if you have questions send them to us!!  If you want to join the discussion and appear on our round table please let us know sign up at!!


Follow us on Twitter 

We are encouraged that you would go on the entire journey with us, but would be excited if you participated as you can!!

We are praying that this journey will add value and create and engagement with men that is needed!!

Again if you feel the prompt please send this to 5 or 10 other men... sign up!

This will create some accountability amongst us to dedicate about 30 mins a day for 40 weeks,  what can GOD do with 8400 minutes of your dedicated time!!

Be awesome Be amazing!!

We pray you join us!!



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