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How the Devastation of a Hurricane can change an individuals life 12-15-20

#TestimonyTuesday #BillyGraham #SoCalteenchallenge

Video of our time talking about the testimony of DB

Do you have storms in your life? Have you every had a plan and it changed? During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina a young man was on a mission to help clean up, but there was a different clean up planned....While there DB saw the devastation, destruction of the storm and was moved. The Billy Graham (now I believe called Samaritans Purse) were helping with the relief efforts as well as offering prayer and delivering good news messages, one of those messages found the heart of DB..... he was excited for the opportunity. As DB expresses he knew GOD but did not really KNOW GOD - as we know there is a big difference. Join us as we go on the journey with DB talking about how and what happened! Do you have a Testimony you want to share? Do you have Comments you want to share about DB testimony join our Testimony group!! Looking for a community where you can come to get warm ....... Join the FIRE!

Some Scripture DB felt touched his life!!

Psalms 91

Psalms 23

Philippians 4:13

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