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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

8 October 2020|Challenge, Fear or Faith, Peace, Why are we here

Week # 1 of 40 week study Chapter Genesis # 1 to 23 recap

Wow what a great time reading and studying in our first week of our 40 week Old Testament Study Challenge......  Are you reading with us, Let us know how it went, what stood out, how did GOD speak to you, please share you questions or thoughts with us?   We love to hear from people who are learning about GOD and his greatness!! have not joined the Challenge  yet, that is ok, jump in anytime and Get Sharpened!

Week # 1 we were Join by Curt, John and William as we discussed: Genesis #1 through Genesis # 23 topics like God's word, creation, faith, mans sin and selfishness to mention a few came up....  We talked about this masterful tapestry that the WORD of GOD has created in the BIBLE that shows GOD's grace, love and ultimately points to this AMAZING person Jesus Christ!!

It was discussed how the enemy creates situations for us to believe or try to get us to believe partial truths, starting in Genesis 3, We talked about our Role as men and the leaders of our households and the sphere GOD has given us.  The bible is chalked of amazing men, however the bible shows us there is room for improvement. this starting out with Adam Genesis 3:6, Curt pointed out Eve was deceived, Adam made a choice (or rather he just caved)  Men we have a calling to be better, to grow, to be accountable....  How are you doing in your life?  If you are like us we are a work in progress, join us in this progress!!  Check out this Link for the meeting of the minds in week # 1 #wisdomwednesday  Next Wednesday Gen # 24 to Gen # 47....... want to join our weekly panel let us know! Know someone who could benefit from an in depth study of GOD's word and is seeking fellowship along the way let them Know!! Check out the Recap of Week # 1 for yourself

Make sure to let us know if you are signed up and have not received the Old Testament tracker and notes for each week!

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