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Marriage Monday Are you filling your wife's cup?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Is GOD the center of your marriage?

Is your marriage built on the ROCK of JESUS?

Today we engage a conversation with Tom, married 31 years with four kids!

He says, "focus on the Success."

Are you communicating with your wife?

What an incredible thought Tom shared he talked with his wife via mail (regular mail because it was before email and text, that's a long time ago, LOL). Would your marriage benefit from small notes or even writing your wife a letter? If the Spirit just prompted you to do it, then do it now. This blog will be here when you have written a note to your wife! How about you leave a comment on how it worked out for you!

Is prayer part of your marriage? Tom mentioned that, even before his marriage, He was praying with his mom about his future wife and giving it over to the LORD. Do I dare mention that when Tom was doing it in his power, he had the nickname of "no date"? What a difference prayer made; five days later. Angie, his wife, in a spirit-guided moment, was unexpectantly introduced to Tom!!

I asked if that same ideology was influential in the success of Tom's marriage. Anyone shocked his answer was yes!!

Don't be selfish. That simple statement would heal a ton of marriages.

Serve our wife, as Christ Serves us - we read that, but Tom is putting it into practice!

Tom closes that the success of his marriage is being familiar with GOD. Are you so close to GOD that you can discern the counterfeit? I love the story he shares about his grandma; it is related to familiarity.

Are you listening to GOD or the world? Most marriages, sad to say, listen to the world. Let us be awesome husbands and listen to GOD!!

If you are willing, reach out to your wife and ask her how you can fill her up? Leave us a comment on how that worked out... I asked my wife, her response "do you want to know?"

I responded, "yes." like most documents we read these days, and this is also redacted.

See below for upcoming events!! We look to the opportunity to engage with you!

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