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Marriage Monday discussion - Let's get uncomfortable









Check out this video; we would love your feedback!

If you would want to join the conversation Check out Future Conversations

Have you entered the Fire? We are a group of Real Men who are working on our relationship with a Real Christ. Join us at The Fire

Is your marriage and perfect? If, so join us and let us know your secret!!

Most of the time there are distractions or other focuses other than our marriage.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Does this help or hinder your marriage?

This thought of not defending myself or my position, is challenging. We want their love and respect, so it seems like a constant challenge to be as Jesus in front of Ponce Pilot.

We want unconditional love from our wives because they are the closest to us. When it does not come, it is debilitating.

Is your marriage a barometer for the condition of the rest of your life?

I know for me, when my marriage is healthy, everything else is better. It seems like everything else is smoother, to me.

We would love your thoughts on this; how can you love your wife when she does not deserve it? John 13

“stay prayed up” 1 Thes 5:17, what a great verse!! 1 thes 5:17 is also an excellent opportunity for a

What if we had the heart posture aligned to God that would allow us not to react? How would that help your marriage?

Do you have accountability in your marriage?

Do you try to blame your wife instead of taking responsibility?

We at the bonfire want to help!

Where is Jesus in your marriage?

WITH GOD, YOUR MARRIAGE WILL BE GREAT!! However, you will need to do some work!

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