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Week #10 - Tis the season for Judges, it's all the news these days

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For Next Wednesday 12-16-20 Lets have read to 1 Samuel 1 to chapter 31 (lets push a bit, you got this!) 220 chapters down - so awesome so good!! We are proud of you!!

Two men discussing all kinds of craziness in Judges and Ruth..... In a day and age where every news channel has something about some sort of Judge or something going to court...... How about a group of people who are Judged by GOD then Cry out, this cycle goes on 7 times in the Book of Judges.

The book of Judges..... could have been dubbed the book of Failures.... I know in times that could have been my life story, but just like in Judges we cry out to the LORD and he hears us!

Today in our Video recap of week #10 of our 40 week OLD Testament reading. We cover..... what happens when we don't follow directions, some tests, a woman leader Deborah, an army that goes from 32,000 to 300 (spoiler alert they still win!!), a man betrayed by his wife then who literally brings down the house, and a love story that stands the test of time.

Judges 6:10 ".... I am the LORD your God; do not fear the gods of the Amorites..." do you have any little g gods in your life...... are they steering you wrong??

Judges 6:23 "Then the LORD said to him, Peace be with you; do not fear, you shall not die" Do you have peace? In these troubling times you can!!

How about a good all around Love story? If you are married they are all on TV and I am sure you may watch a few, can I encourage Read the book of Ruth with your wife!! A story of brokenness loss of hope to full redemption and resurrection, the book of Ruth is short but powerful and packed with an amazing message!

We encourage you to Join us at Hisbonfire the FIRE is Growing! Do you need prayer call us (877)434-8006 us or drop us a line at our website...... have a question leave us a comment in the video or let us know your thoughts Like what you saw, share it with someone else!! Also subscribe or like the video!! Be Awesome Be Amazing!

*** New website coming real soon like the next day or so soon!! Make sure you sign up we are creating a engagement page you can post your thoughts we can have Biblical dialog in a community designed to Sharpen and Grow men!

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