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Week # 11 Promise, Failure, Gods Favor and Foreskins

Man there is so much in the book.... some of it we did not get to cover..... Hannah being blessed even when she had something wrong with her, 1 Samuel 1:7 "......but the child Ministered to the LORD before Eli the priest." The Ark of GOD was stolen (no this is not a Raiders of the Lost Ark) this is the real Ark of God....1 Samuel 4:5 "..... Israel shouted so loudly that the earth shook" Do you believe your words have power..... they do and aligned with GOD it can shake the earth!! ! Samuel 7:6 "....we have sinned against the LORD..." this is a theme we have noticed a ton in the Old Testament Reading... we fall away we make mistakes.... we need GOD. The people want and get a KING, its Saul a great man..... spoiler alert he fails....this sounds like my life thank goodness there are words like "BUT GOD". Obey and obedience is something we talked about a ton.....1 Samuel 15:22-23, in this scripture it says "to obey is better than sacrifice" WOW how does that land on you? Let us know your thoughts Chapter 17 maybe one of the most popular biblical stories a boy beats a giant..... do you have GIANTS in your life..... have you been hiding, running from them, are you taunted by them??? The giant taunted the Israelites for 40 days to the point that they were 1 Sam 17:24 "Dreadfully afraid"..... to let the cat out of the bag 1 Sam 17:51 the boy wins "......their champion was dead.... they fled" GOD wants to not only fight your giants but beat them!!! Let us know your thoughts about anything we missed!!! you are awesome!! Next week # 12 lets read 2 Samuel!! Want to join us for the Recap register online!!

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