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Week # 2 Recap Genesis # 24 to # 46

What an awesome recap, we were back for round # 2 Curt and John, join William for more sharpening and learning!! There was a ton to cover this week? Are you reading? Do you know anyone that you want to go on this journey with Invite them We are looking for men who want to know the LORD better and strengthen build fellowship. We are here to help serve you anyway we can!!

So this week...... it could have been a jerry springer episode or a whole month of episodes There is family deception, being treated unfairly, wrongly imprisoned, and blessings...... Because GOD is faithful not us. We read in Gen 24 of this woman who is serving

and willing as a pre wife, Gen 27 talks about the blessing that was stolen, the root of being bitter and how it has impacted history... For you WWE fans there was a wrestling match in Gen 32. We go over more chapters and thoughts..... Let us know your thoughts, if you have questions for next week or even questions that came up with this weeks study we will get them answered!! Lets dig in and lets learn and grow together!!! We are thankful you are with us, if not you can always join us!!

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