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Week # 3 of 40 OT Challenge Gen 46 to Exd 18

Wow, for me personally I have grown deeper in just the 3 weeks we have been doing this!!

Here is the Week # 3 recap This week were joined by John, Tom, Simeon (no not the Simeon that was from Week # 2 brother of Dinah who went and killed a village, LOL) Again we are real guys with real lives learning about a very real GOD!! Have you joined us yet? If not you can Join the Challenge we this week recapped Genesis 46 to the end of Genesis, and jumped into Exodus and getting to chapter 18.

WE talked about all kinds of awesome stuff this week..... How are small nation of Israel 70 people , not a nation as this time , clan of people to his son being Second in command of Egypt, there is a blessing from a Grandfather Gen 48:15. Moments before a son who tries to take matters into his own hands tries to shift the blessing. Gen 49 some punishment for deeds done long ago. The idea that at the time Egypt was a power house is going through 7 good years then 7 years of famine, but GODS hand is on a man named Joseph! Possible vengeance but true forgiveness ... Who said real men don't cry GEN 50:17, well real men of GOD cry! When Exodus starts we read of mass murder and a genocide of Hebrew babies, a baby who was hidden and then was raised in the house of the most powerful Pharaoh's household. Early on there is murder, shame, and exile...... Moses the man that GOD is calling to save the Israelites (oh yeah that group of 70 from above have now grown to hundreds and hundreds of thousands) Its almost like GOD said that a few chapters back. Some say at the burning bush the angle of the LORD speaking is Jesus.... Wait Jesus does not show up until the New testament - spoiler alert the entire book is about Jesus Christ. There is several mentions of doubt that Moses is not the one GOD should send, maybe Moses missed the fact that he is talking with GOD, the one that created everything, and breathed life into humans. Ok maybe Moses was just a man like us, filled with fear at our core, that we can't do what GOD has called us to do...... Exodus 4:1 Moses is trying to change GODS mind, we all think we can.. Exodus 5 the showdown starts Moses and 80 year old man and the most powerful man in the flesh at this time (any takers on who wins?) The plagues, the miracle of the RED SEA.... Exodus 14:13 ..."Do not be afraid, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, which HE will accomplish for you Today, For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever" then verse EXODUS 14:14 " the LORD will fight for you and you shall hold your peace" WOW feels like a scene out of Gladiator.

There is some complaining and a halted journey, but GOD still provides....

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