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Week # 6 of the OT Challenge Leviticus 26 to Numbers 20

Wow!!! We are 6 weeks in..... How are you doing on the Challenge??

Let us KNOW, do you have any questions of what we have covered, Let us CLARIFY.

I will say for me personally this past 6 weeks has been huge growth while seeking the LORD!! Check out the Week # 6 recap!! We would love your feedback! #learnandgrow #ironsharpensiron #hisbonfire #mengrowing WE are pushing through a 40 week journey, have you joined us?

You can, go to, men are joining everyday!!

We are regular guys who LOVE JESUS, and we want you to have that same opportunity!! We are reading about 23 chapters a week and then having a video re-cap!!

This week we talked about GOD walking with us..... does he walk with you? Do you know GOD? Lev 26:12 "I will walk among you and be you GOD, and you shall be my people" WOW.... I don't know where you stand, but GOD wants to stand next to you!! WE talked about the detail of GOD in Numbers.... how precise we should be....

If we Remember 600,000 men left Egypt, now there is 603,000 those walking with the Lord are increasing and those not walking with the lord are decreasing.....are you ready for the shot across the bow only 2 of the 603K mentioned make it to the promise land... are we thinking this is a automatic free pass being a Christian, its not it requires obedience to the L

ORD. Almost every chapter in Numbers started with The Lord Spoke... is god Speaking to you? He wants to...Numbers 5 was about confession and restitution. Numbers 5;11-31 also talked about unfaithful wives. Numbers 6:24 - 26 the Blessing "The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace" Numbers 7 the second longest chapter of the bible, what is the longest? There is this talk about wanting what others have, but GOD will give us exactly what we need!! Talking about miracles GOD is providing for over 600,000 men maybe 2,000,000 daily then he brings Quail from the sea (WHAAAT so crazy its like the best welfare program #GOD.... Its not too late for you to join us!! Leave comments, let us know your thoughts! We have been great questions and seeing some great growth!! WEEK # 7 will recap on 11-18-20 Numbers 21 to Deuteronomy 7.

If you would like to join us for the recap, one week get in contact with us we would love to have you join our dialog!!

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