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Week # 7 of 40 in the Books - So Good!!

Week # 7 of 40 week OT Journey Numbers 21 to Deuteronomy 7.

Week #7 of the 40 Week Old Testament is in the books, for those of us reading we are about 160 chapters down ..... Man oh Man GOD is working!! Men are getting Sharpened, we are KNOWING more about GOD!!! Click the video link **VIDEO WARNING** We had a new guest this week Joseph, what an awesome time!!! The warning... we went a tad long this week.....But the conversation was awesome!! Are you part of the conversation? Join us.... The Fire is growing daily (this is not like the fires we are seeing on the news) this is real men who have a real love for a very Real JESUS!!!

Fiery Serpents - Talking Donkey - Bribery - Harlotry - The Earth opening up - War and Anger... that is just the first few chapters of this weeks read..... we went a bit long but the dialog was great, we suggest put in on for the morning commute (2 days you will get it all) Numbers 22:28 "then the LORD opened the mouth of the Donkey" WHAAAAT, yes you read that right..... Numbers 31:3 "Arm some of yourselves for war" are you in a battle and don't seem to have the right weapons..... GODS word is something we all need!! Has anyone ever seen or heard of this happening......Numbers 26:10 "and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up together...." We go through these topics and more!! Guess who it all points to........

.. how about you leave us your thoughts or questions !!!!

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