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Week # 9 Part # 1 Prepare for War - The Sun Stands still

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We are in Week # 9 (This is Part 1 of the Recap) Joshua 1 - 10......

We are realizing it is hard to get through this is an hour.... there is so much conversation, for me personally I am growing tremendously are you? Let us know!!

In this week's VIDEO RECAP (Watch - comment - Send it to someone who might grow from it!!)John and I dialog about a real struggle to be obedient to GOD's Word and honestly with aspects of life..... Are we alone on this or is this something you struggle with?

We are all on this journey together, together we can sharpen each other! The price paid if we don't the reward if we do..... and how amazing OUR GOD is?

We are 195 chapters in and we have noticed a theme ...... are you ready....Man in the flesh, we are idiots... yes that is me and you (Don't be mad I said me first).... but GOD is always Faithful!! Thank goodness for that....Joshua 6:1 "Be Strong and of Good Courage..." I don't know what you are facing but GOD is not caught off guard by it. 2 of men in Joseph's army make a deal with a harlot.... before you get in a huff, its not the type of deal you are thinking, and BTW GOD using everyone to fulfill his purpose. Chapter 3 the priest who are bear the ark of the lord prepare to walk across a river that is overflowing at its banks, wait for it Mind blown they stand in the middle of the river on dry ground..... Yes you heard me right (Joshua 3:17) if you want to go on your own fact check mission.... adult circumcision, ouch. How about walls tumbling down by walking around them for 7 days then shouting..... few things here.... obedience and GOD, would (you/we/I) have the obedience to follow that order?

What walls do we have in your life that is GOD is wanting you to just obey and HE will remove them! So much in the first 10 Chapters, oh yeah a man just like you and me, prayed with Faith, to the LORD and the Sun Stopped for a day if you are a fact checker Joshua 10:13....we hope you are getting value -

Join the FIRE, its growing!! Send to anyone who needs to be sharpened in their walk or anyone who does not have a walk..... we are not looking for money we are looking for MEN to Follow GOD!!

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