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Would Jesus be ok with how you are engaging in your marriage?

The quick answer would be no because we are all not perfect, but I guess the more profound question would be why Jesus would not be ok with our Marriage. Today we did not record (we had the conversation), but the topic came up, how we would answer Jesus about our Marriage if we met him today?







Wow, God is good! Today, a remarkable man ended up on #marriagemonday; at the end of the dialog, he mentioned, "I am not even sure how I ended up here."

We both laughed and acknowledged, "It was God."

There were supposed to be a few other men on the video meeting, and I got a text "I am sorry I have a crisis" the other "I got busy," but God knew what was needed and who needed it.

So much was discussed. Honestly, I stopped taking notes. Some of the highlights for me were Who's strength are we trying to succeed in our Marriage? We did a blog. Who's strength? Do we rely on His strength or our strength?

Are you a good husband? Do you have the strength to be better?

Sometimes (honestly speaking, we are weak), we think we can do everything and pressure ourselves.

We need to be the ones who correct our Marriage or even work harder. Even worse, what if we tell ourselves we will do something more when my spouse does something?

If this is your stance, where is Jesus in your Marriage? Can you honestly say that we are Christian husbands if GOD is not our full attention, not typically a marriage verse, but how would this one verse Matthew 6:33 change your Marriage?

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

So I dare ask what would Jesus say about your effort in your Marriage? Do you think you will be able to blame your wife while standing in front of Jesus?

Think about that for a moment. If your answer is yes, I would love to know the scripture reference you have for that!!

Today there was a ton to unpack, and honestly, already I have spent time praying, "Lord allow me to seek you first in my marriage" as Jesus as my goal in my Marriage, I would speculate that my wife would be pleased and filled loved if that was my goal.

We would love to know your thoughts and would love you to join the Fire.

WE has a community will grow from your engagement!! So leave us a comment or two!

If you want to join us for prayer or Marriage Monday, Check out our events!

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