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You have an inheritance! (1 Peter 1:3-12)

We have all got the scam alerts in our email, someone in Zimbabwe died and left you a fortune. There is a moment of hope, then reality. Do you know the true reality of your inheritance? This is not a scam but a true hard fact! If you have received Jesus you in fact have been grafted in to the family of Jesus, therefore so you have an inheritance waiting for You!







In a life where it seems to be all about the money, we chase it, we believe it will make life easier, but does it? I am not sure about you, but I don't have a rich uncle who upon passing I will inheritant his fortune. However I do have an inheritance coming! And so do you!

This morning in my reading I was struck by this passage in 1 Peter1:1-12. The bible does not mince words.

Look at verse 3 “a living hope through the resurection of Jesus Christ From the dead”

Verse 4 “to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you,”

‭‭I Peter‬ ‭1:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

From dead to an inheritance, did you read that?

Just for clarity did you or I have anything to do with that? No not at all, it is All through Jesus!

Inheritance kleronomia

  1. an inheritance, property received (or to be received) by inheritance

  2. what is given to one as a possession

  3. the eternal blessedness of the consummated kingdom of God which is to be expected after the visible return of Christ

  4. the share which an individual will have in that eternal blessedness

Incoruptoble aphthartos

  1. uncorrupted, not liable to corruption or decay, imperishable

  2. of things

  1. immortal

  2. of the risen dead

undefiled amiantos

  1. not defiled, unsoiled

  2. free from that by which the nature of a thing is deformed and debased, or its force and vigour impaire

The scripture goes onto say that does not fade away, reserved in Heaven for you!

Has the above set in? You, me, those of us who believe in Jesus have an ultimate Inheritance reserved for us.

Do you believe Gods word to be true?

If so, how do you reconcile this passage, what stirs in your heart?

No matter what happens in this world, what is waiting for us is Heaven, an inheritance from the most high King of Kings and Lord of Lord.

How does knowing that change how we life our life? Is there freedom, what about power?

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